4 products to repair discolored damaged hair

If you are some of those who love to try out hair, you have to take special care in order to avoid mistreating and damaging the hair due to discoloration. If there are already several discolorations and you still have badly damaged hair, it is time to provide an intensive treatment to repair the hair damaged by discoloration. Some advice is in order to avoid long contact with sunlight and avoid heat products, as this causes the cuticle to break and the hair to dry and be more fragile.

1. Olaplex: restructures, strengthens and repairs any discolored hair

This intensive treatment is accountable for repairing, strengthening, restructuring and giving an improved texture to your hair. This treatment for discolored hair should really be applied before showering, leaving a few momemts can be around 30 minutes and then rinse with shampoo. That day no further apply conditioner or mask. Let it dry naturally and you will dsicover how your hair feels healthier.

With little product it is necessary, avoid overlapping because even if you put more it will not help the hair any more. Use it once weekly and you will dsicover how your discolored hair begins to change.

2. NatureLab: bamboo stem cell shampoo that improves and strengthens discolored hair

For damaged and bleached hair you should truly stay away from sulfate and paraben shampoos. This type of shampoo makes your hair dry and mistreat much more. This shampoo is constructed of bamboo stem cells that's accountable for restructuring hair by discoloration and heat. In addition, it can help the natural keratin of your hair return.

This shampoo is smooth, without any sulfates, parabens and gluten. It's not a conventional shampoo, so don't expect too much foam when washing your hair.

3. Sun Bum: sunscreen to avoid further damage and help control frizz

Sun is a factor that will greatly affect discolored hair , both because it may mistreat, dry it and makes your hair fade and have another color. This spray can help calm frizz and protect it from sunlight ;.This spray can be utilized on wet or dry hair. Just spray on all the hair and voila, you may even placed on the tips to avoid dry and split ends. Always start with placing little product, such that it adapts based on your hair type.

It is a spray to take care of your bleached hair from sunlight, it is without any parabens and gluten. At the least for a couple months, avoid heat products as this further mistreats your hair. To know more, check out: best shampoo for bleached hair

4. Revicare beauty: retinol and silk protein to take care of the colour and give nutrients to discolored hair

For colored hair, it is also very important to take care of the hair and prevent it from turning yellow or orange. That is a discolored hair mask that contains retinol, silk protein, avocado oil and aloe vera to provide you with those nutrients to shine and improve the fitness of your hair.

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